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Secrets to Business Hosting, and What You Need?

Now that you have a snazzy domain name, how do you send an email to it?  That is part of business hosting.  A full-service business hosting includes email, website, document storage, apps, meeting capabilities, and the like.  With so many choices out there, what do you really need and what is extra? Continue Reading

Business Coaching

Relaxing Condos Coaching runs $100/Hour and offers a Money Back Guarantee if you do not feel that it was worth the money.  For full-service products, please contact us at  If you would like more information about our services, email… Continue Reading →

How to Avoid the Business Banking Trap

Let’s face it banking can be intimidating.  It is even worse when you are a brand new business and need to establish your first bank accounts.  At this stage of the game, you probably have a certificate from the state registering your business and a little bit of capital.  In this post, we will explore how to choose a bank and what types of accounts to set up. Continue Reading

What’s In A Business Name? And How To Protect It!

he close second question is what I am going to call my business.  Is it important what you name your business? How do you establish a business name?  Giving thought to a business name is important because you will take time and money to establish a brand and get recognition.  Continue Reading

Why You Need Superior Guest Management

Picture this! You’re right in the middle of your busy season with your vacation rental. Between this month and the next, you have 23 different guests checking in/out on multiple hosting platforms.  Some are staying for just one evening; while, others are going to stay a week.   Each of these guests needs door codes and welcome packets. They will need reviews and cleanings after they stay.  Did you remember to get signed contracts with the names of each individual from each of them? How about notifying the cleaning company and front desk of the new reservations?  Continue Reading

Discover How To Use Leverage to Buy Property

Should I finance my short-term/vacation rental? Didn’t that cause the housing crash of 2008?  Is it safe?  A huge debate over financing investment properties is raging in the real estate investment community.  This question is not a yes or no, but how much risk can you handle and sleep at night. Continue Reading

Most People Are Shocked To Find Out How Easily It Is To Start Your Own Business

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Starting your own business can be overwhelming; but, it doesn’t have to be.  Relaxing Condos is all about helping people get started with that dream.  It is our firm belief that everyone has a talent or a hobby.  We want to show you how to turn that talent into a money-making business.  The best thing is these types of businesses are best started on the side.  By starting your business on the side, you minimize your financial risks. Continue Reading

Easily Start Your Own Vacation Rental With This Helpful Guide

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Did Covid-19 kill the short-term rental business?  No!  Though it certainly has changed it, I assure you the vacation rental business is alive and well. At Relaxing Condos, we specialize in helping you with your short-term rentals and vacation rental businesses.  Continue Reading

Little Known Ways to Make Money and Save for Retirement at the Same Time in 10 Easy Steps

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Would you like to start earning a passive income?  To make money while you watch tv?  Short-term rentals offer that ability. Welcome to my 10 step guide on getting started with short-term rentals.  This guide link to the 10 “how-to” blog post need to get started.  Each post describes a step in the process in chronological order.  Welcome to the journey to becoming a real estate investor.  Continue Reading

Step 1: Launching A Business And Earn Extra Income

    When getting into the short-term rental business, it is important to treat this as a business vs. a side job.  Because of the assets involved and revenue coming in, you must keep it separate from your personal accounts.   Plus, you are going to thank yourself at tax time.  Furthermore, having a separate business can help limit your liability if something were to happen and get sued.  Continue Reading

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